Aviation Safety &  Survival Equipment

Serving Aviation Communities since 1983

In every organization and branch of military services your

aircrews and personnel are your greatest asset. Aeromiltec

have long recognized that a great deal of time training and

money has been invested in developing these skills .

Your personnel put their lives on the line every time they

perform their duties, the only  thing they can depend on

is the quality and performance of their survival apparel

and rescue equipment, their protection is our mission .

At Aeromiltec we have been in  business of

saving lifes for over 35 years .

Aeromiltec Basel Euro-Airport is an internationally active organization supplying primarily US life support equipment needs

in compliance to AQUAP 1 US MIL SPEC and FAA FAR 135 & 121 

Our products are quoted in US Dollars only 



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