LRU-16/P  Single Seat Liferaft

The Aeromiltec Single Seat Liferaft is a unique liferaft designed for single  person occupancy for use in ejection seats , or other specific

use dictated by the circumstances .

Suited to both fixed wing and rotary aircraft, the Aeromiltec LRU-16/P Single Seat Liferaft is specifically designed for when minimal weight and stowage are  critical for aircraft operation mainly for the CNU type ejection seat container for F-16, F-15 , F-22 and F-35 aircrafts .

The fully hermetically packed liferaft is so compact it can be stowed in

confined areas such as a ejection seat container ,cockpit, or alternatively can be worn attached to the aircrew member

during flight ensuring easy accessibility during aircraft evacuation.

Manufactured from high frequency welded polyurethane proofed

nylon fabrics the Aeromiltec LRU-16/P Liferaft is extremely durable

and is capable of full through-life sustainability.

Aeromiltec Single Seater Liferafts are available in a number of inflation,

insulation and canopy configurations.

Customized options

•Single or double inflatable floor

•Single or double inflatable canopy

•Various canopy colours

•Various inflation systems

•Inclusion of inflatable cushion if required