Aeromiltec supplies various type of personnel parachutes such as BA-22 and BA-25

 NSN: 1670-00-940-0787

For bailout, the crewmember may elect to attach the survival kit

The bailout above 14,000 feet, the parachute release is armed and the emergency
oxygen is activated. The parachute will automatically deploy at 14,000 (+ / -500) feet.
At this time, the crewman will activate the 4 line release for maneuverability and deploy
the survival kit. At altitudes below 14,000 feet, the crewman will pull the manual ripcord
when clear of the aircraft and follow the same procedures as outlined above.
In either case, for landing, the crewman will steer the parachute so that he is facing
 into the wind, if possible, to reduce the potential for injury. After landing, one or both
of the parachute release fittings may be activated to prevent dragging.


Complete Parachute Assembly

Pilot Parachute

Disc Assembly

Canopy Assembly

Harness & Container

Ripcord Housing

Back Pad

Ripcord Assembly

Riser Assembly

Deployment Bag

Spring Assembly

Locking Loop

Parachute Release

Beacon Survivor Locator, SLB-2000

Antenna Assy., External GPS

Antenna Assy., External RF

Battery, SLB-2000

MD-1 Bailout Oxygen

Mounting Plate

Oxygen Container

Light Marker, Distress

Lowering Device