Business Terms Guidelines as of Year 2009

      When ordering a product / products from us ,please ensure compliance with :

1.   For every Purchase Order subject to ITAR Lic , US DST fees must be paid in advance with the ordered goods and categorically with no delay .Delayed

      or not paid ITAR fees allows us to terminate the order at any time or and

      entitles us to charge delay fees  ( US $ 150 per delay ).

 A.  Items subject to ITAR License ( DST-5) ,Swiss Export License or any DG

      Transporation issue ,this must be clarified by the Buyer for compliance in

      advance and any such issue must be discussed with us in advance .

 B.  Payments must be executed not longer than 21 days after

      the written order was sent to us .

 C.  Buyer assumes full responsibility for sending us incomplete P/O's  or any

      action of his which may ultimately affect the issue of US  ITAR License and

      which may delay or affect the smooth delivery of the goods to final destination .

D.   All goods must be shipped properly labeled , with consignee notify name , phone number and a verifiable address along with appropriate invoices. In case goods need to be shipped to other than Buyer's address the Buyer must ensure we are provided with complete consignee details and notify names / phone numbers sufficiently in advance before shipping the goods .

E.  Diverting the goods subject to US DST-5 License by the Buyer or Intermediate

     Buyer to an other Destination after receipt of the goods is Strictly Prohibited .


2.  For goods  classified as DG / HAZMAT (Hazardous Materials ) by the Airline

    or Freight Forwarder such as  :

      a. Life Jackets with CO-2 Bottles

      b. Lithium Batteries

      c. CO-2 Bottles

      d. Automatic Inflators ( FLU-1, FLU-8 and FLU-9/P)

      e. Personal Locators Beacons with batteries

      f.  Oxygen ( Aviation & non Aviation )

      g. Pyrotechnics

 the customer is fully liable to furnish us with complete consignee dispatch details

 including a verifiable consignee address with full name ,phone and physical

 address of the consignee . In the even that the dispatch address was proven

 as incomplete  mistaken or fake , we withdraw any liability whatsoever upon

 loss,theft ,damage  late or no delivery of the merchandise in Transit by the

 carrier and frees us from any  further contractual obligations .

3.   If no Transportation Insurance was arranged by the buyer, the buyer assumes full responsiblity in event damages or theft may occur while the goods  in Transit and must immediately file a Damage / Theft / Missing Report with the local Airline tracing department or local Postal Office upon goods delivery should the above events take place . The report must be emailed or faxed to us within 48 hours after filed to allow us to claim further liability at our end liability.

4.   The buyer is entitled to return the merchandise for credit purposes given  :

       A. Shipped to us within 5 days after delivery of the merchandise in

           pristine condition as shipped by us us,prepaid and properly labeled 

            and once inspected by us after receipt.

       B . We will NOT accept refunds if no valid reason was furnished by the

            buyer or buyer did not comply with ITAR regulations , HAZMAT

            regulations,shipping regulations ,violated our terms and or acted

            illegally in any way.

       C.  Should the buyer order the goods for an other party , it is his

             responsibility to ensure the goods were inspected upon receipt

             by the 3rd party and immediately file a written report should the

             goods arrive damaged incomplete,opened in Transit or delivered

             with delay .


        D. In the event the goods were opened in Transit due to buyer's fault to

            provide proper dispatch address, the consignee can not be reached ,

            the consignee or the buyer did not provide the correct paperwork

            violated HAZMAT shipping rules , US ITAR Regulations ,or goods were

            opened prior dispatch by a 3rd party , it frees us immediately from

            any obligations , warranty or return of merchandise for credit purposes.

 5.       Unpaid orders or ITAR fees paid within agreed conditions

           or orders incorrectly placed by the buyer, intentions to act

           fraudulently  or misleading the Airline , local Authorities frees

           us from any obligations towards such buyer.

6.        Should a US DST-5 License (ITAR) declined by the Dep.of State

           once an order  was accepted and manufactured , the buyer assumes

           full respossibility if the payment refund may be only partially possible

           or eventually not at all until the buyer himself resolved the case

           with Department of State if such case may occur or if the State

           Department will audit the case.

7.       We accept warranty only from the party we have signed the contract

          with and provided that this party provided us with a sufficient details of 

          defect ,case , the user or End User did not damage or brake the

          equipment due improper handling and complied with all regulations.


Finall Revision as of May 7, 2015 and in compliance with International

Chamber of Commerce , Paris , France as US Department of State Washington DC.

German and French version available on request .

By not reading the Terms ,it does not entitle being freed from responsibility .