The HGU-57/P was launched in 2020 comes standard new vented, breathable high strength retention with six-point attachment. The patented neoprene jacketed 6ft coiled main cable is far superior and outlasts low tech braided cables. 

This helmet eliminates the need for cross straps. The helmet standard version is delivered in olive drab , aircraft green or white color with CEP, nape comfort edge roll- preventing forward roll while wearing NVG’s, with high quality comfort inner liner , standard military ear pads or Aero SoftSeal®/HushKit® combo for the military which includes soft seal® ear cushions, hush kit® passive noise attenuation, and softskin® ear seal covers , this combo is designed to work with the plastic ear cups. (NSN 8475-01-591-3023). The NVG quick release plate is also a standard feature. NVG quick release view mounts are optional. 

The HGU-57/P comes with Dual Lenses and ANVISVisor The HGU-57/P dual-visor helicopter helmet with NVG includes dark outer and clear inner lenses and an NVG quick disconnect. The shell is made of Kevlar and the helmet total weight in flight ready configuration is 1020 grams .

The HGU-57/P is one the most protective helicopter helmet ever made and lighter than HGU-56/P, HGU-84/P and SPH-4B series .

The HGU-57/P includes new features

   • New comfort memory liner

   • New articulating nape & chinstrap system

   • Lighter weight than any other helicopter helmets

   • Improved comfort and stability

   • Increased field of vision


Fully tested to Current Specifications

   • Tested to current military specification FNS-PD 96-18



   • Active Noise Reduction (ANR)

   • Flex Mic Boom Assy.

   • Maxillofacial Shield

   • Accessory Rail Attachment System

   • Laser Anti-Dazzle Lenses (red)

   • Liplite 

   • Bluetooth Comm

   • NVG Battery Pack

   •  Deluxe Camo Helmet Bag 

Anti Laser  dazzle visor (night ops ) HGU-57/P and HGU-56/P

  HGU-57/P  NVG Helmet 

Aeromiltec is currently supplying a wide variety of rotary wing helmets such asSPH-4 , SPH-5 , SPH-4B and HGU-56/P as well  accessories for those helmets such as communication system ,comfort liners energy absorbing liners ,chin and nape strap assy. visors and visor housing as well shells though only  to those who purchased from us the main systems and helmets only.  Further we supply ANVIS-6and ANVIS-9NVG platforms and systems and various otheraccessories .

The HGU-57/P comes standard with our new vented, breathable high strength 400 Lbs retention with six-point attachment.  The patented neoprene jacketed 6ft coiled main cable is far superior and outlasts low tech braided cables. This helmet eliminates the need for cross straps.


Choose from several colors at no additional charge. High or Low Impedance available: select your options when building your helmet. The HGU-57/P helmet is US manufactured and may also be built to custom orders. Also new accessory is the nape Comfort Edge Roll- preventing forward roll while wearing NVG's. Sold complete with all standard general Aviation communications with or without ANR .

The energy-absorbing liner we deliver with is either the Zeta comfort liner or the rigid polystyrene molded to conform to the inside of the helmet shell.  Each lightweight ear cup assembly consists of a contoured plastic earcup and a cushioned earseal (with a raised inner ring for maximum sound attenuation and comfort).


The communications system consists of a boom-mounted microphone M-87/AIC or Electret Mic , Liplite ,dual earphones 150 or 600 Ohm, and a communications cord. A flex boom is available as an upgrade process.  The visors assembly is available in a dual or single visor configuration. The dual visor option is available in 3 forms; plain (non-NVG compatible) or NVG platform (provides a permanent mount platform), and quick-disconnect version.Aeromiltec can deliver the helmet with ANR or Bluetooth system. 

The Comm cord is NATO type which can be supplied straight or coiled 12 or 24 inch ending with U-174/U plug.  General Aviation cords and commset as well any other but Olive Drab color is optional at extra cost .

Chinstrap/Retention Assembly Strength

The chinstrap/retention assembly withstands a strength test of 400 pounds when tested in using ANSI 400 lb test methodology and equipment. Available in double D-ring or as a quick-disconnect (snap).

HGU-57/P w/ ANVIS-9 Viewer Mount

    Lightweight Dupont Kevlar®


    Carbon Fiber Dual Visor Housing


    Two Helmet Shell Sizes: Regular (Up to 22.25" circumference), XL (22.25" and Above)


    6 Point High-Strength Breathable Vented Earcup Retention


    Optional Confor Foam Hush Kit


    8 Step Paint Finishing Process- Custom colors at no extra charge!


    Five Confor Comfort Liner® sizes: 1/2" (S), 3/8" (M), 5/16" (L), 1/4" (XL), 1/8" (XXL)


    Visor color options: Smoke, Yellow, Clear, Tint with Gold Reflection and

    Tint with Silver Reflection


    Lightweight Crushable Ear Cups


    Optional Flex Mic Boom


    EPS Shock Liner meets MIL specs

HGU-57/P  with CEP