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Helmets Jet  HGU/55 Series  &  Helmet /Mask Tester 

                        Aeromiltec High-G Jet Helmets

Many years ago we developed together with a plastic factory overseas a light weight

fighter helmet for Jet aircraft and a ballistic helmet for helicopters , though thanks to

a potential customer at that time , the project was completely stalled . At that time the helmets were named HGU-3FK and HGU-5K.  Today we no longer supply those helmets but have access to a custom fitted type of similar configuration fully configured in the Air Force.

Designed as a cutting edge wearer protective system, the Aeromiltec HGU-26/P, HGU-55/P ,HGU-33/P and HGU-55G helmets are available in two configurations to suit a full range of High-G mission needs.  Further we can also supply the deck crew helmet HGU-25/P.

The lightweight standard versions are constructed of a Graphite/Aramid shell which reduces head-borne weight while maintaining strength. For high-performance maneuvers up to +9 Gs and to help prevent G-induced loss of consciousness (GLOC), the Aeromiltec  Lightweight aircrew helmets are the standard for US Armed Forces and FMS users .

This technologically advanced system provides pilots with a decisive edge in combat by reducing fatigue, so they may perform more high-G missions per day without compromising performance.  In addition we supply helmet parts and accessories .


The HGU-55/P helmet shell is intended to provide head protection during in-flight buffeting and emergencies such as ejection, bailout, or crash landings. 

It is delivered with leather edgeroll. Leather buffers prevent the visor from scratching the helmet shell. Pile fastener inside the shell holds the earcups in place. Portions of the pile fastener are left detached to allow installation of the oxygen mask bayonet receivers. We deliver the helmet with either 

Kevlar or Fibreglass shells. All shells and comm kits are US MIL SPEC .

Memory energy-absorbing Liner. The soft foam energy-absorbing liner absorbs and reduces impact forces. The liner is held snugly to the inside of the helmet shell by the edgeroll and we deliver the helmet with Memory Liner Oregon Aero ,Zeta Liner® or just standard Thermoplastic Liner (TPL®) 

The integrated chin/nape assembly, when properly adjusted, stabilizes the helmet during routine flight, bailout, and other high-stress conditions. Tightening the chin strap also tightens the fit of the nape pad. Metal clamps help keep the adjusted chin strap in place. Headset. The headset allows the aircrew member to communicate both inside and outside the aircraft. It also helps protect the ears from hearing loss due to long-term exposure to noise.

Included are two earcups either standard or Oregon Aero hush kit type  two 19-ohm      H-143/ AIC earphones, and a CX-4708A/AIC cable. The earphones are housed inside the earcups and are connected to the cable. 

Helmet-visor configurations are as follows:

• HGU-55/P helmet with MBU-12/P cut visors:

81D5330-7 (Medium), 81D5330-8 (Large), or 81D5330-9 (X-Large)

• HGU-55/P helmet with high-speed cut visors:

81D5330-13 (Medium), 81D5330-14 (Large), or 81D5330-15 (X-Large)

• HGU-55/P helmet with MBU-20/P cut visors:

81D5330-16 (Medium), 81D5330-17 (Large), or 81D5330-18 (X-Large)

HGU-55/P  & HGU-55/E
USAF Version 
HGU-55G series  NATO