HGU-55CE Combat Edge & MBU-20/P HALP

The Combat Edge field helmet bladder midification kit manufactured by Gentex is available from us to be integrated into the standard HGU-55/P which will then be interfaced with MBU-20/P HALP Mask and CSU-17/P PPG & B chest vest . 

A PBG feed tube connects the helmet bladder to the  uni't's quick disconnect mounted on the exterior shell of the helmet and then interfaces with the PBG supply hose and connector from the MBU-20/P oxygen mask .

The bladder inflates to provide automatic mask tension at high G's . We selling the conversion kit only along with the helmet and MBU-20/P mask .

Minimum quantity order : 30 units 

Gentex HGU-55CE  Conversion Kit 
Converted HGU-55/P
HGU-55CE  MBU-23/P MASK  & Mask Release PADD
NVG Plate & Viewer Mount  &  CEP (beneath)


With its combination of features and capabilities utilized by the USAF and

USN, the Gentex HGU-55/PJ Helmet System provides 

high protection and performance capabilities for frontline

fighter and advanced training use. Key capabilities include 

600 KEAS windblast protection using a highly reliable and

stable retention system, plus a tracked visor kit that can be

quickly configured with a variety of visor options for day 

or night flight. A range of respiratory, communications,

and comfort fit accessories can also be added to optimize

the helmet system for flight.

Certified safe for ejection up to 600 KEAS using a tracked 

visor kit.The tracked visor kit holds a variety of Gentex 

visors including clear, neutral gray, high contrast, gradient, 

or laser visor assemblies. The visor track can be locked in

place anywhere along its arc of travel, which greatly assists

in optimizing the visor-to-mask interface.


The penetration-resistant helmet shell is constructed from 

lightweight graphite and carbon materials approved by the 

USN and the shell is painted  USAF gray for optimal solar 

reflection.Gentex Super Comfort Liner (SCL) is made of a

plush foam-lined cloth, encasing multiple layers of thermoplastic 

material that can be heated and molded to provide a custom fit. 

he Gentex X Liner® can also be used to increase 

comfort and breathability.


Includes the Gentex Integrated Chin and Nape Strap 

(ICNS) Assembly also used by the U.S. forces for excellent 

tability and comfort. Plastic earcups with soft ear seals can be

optimized for comfort by use of foam fitting pads, or 

optional leather-covered earpads can be used. Helmet 

system includes a U.S. Navy approved anti-snag oxygen

mask receiver to reduce the threat of entanglement from 

parachute risers or canopy lines during ejection.


The helmet can be fitted with Gentex HA/LP or 

MBU-12/P Oxygen Masks to provide required levels of 

respiratory protection. Gentex Rotatable Bayonet 

Receivers (R2) can also be installed to improve the

fitting of these masks and allow hinging of the

mask from either side of the helmet.