The  Aeromiltec Integrated Life Preserver Survival Vest ,refered to as the LPU-18/P is an item of primary survival equipment for a military pilot and aircrew in jets and rotary wing aircrafts.

The LPU-18/P is designed to be compatible with aircraft seat restraint systems and parachute torso harnesses PCU-15/P, PCU-16/P and US Navy

MA-2 or upgrades . The upper part is a floatation collar attached to pouches

type Survival Vest . The LPSV is designed of light weight materials.

The LPU-18/P offers the pilot and aircrew during ditching at sea sufficient buoyancy and head sustaining, and full mouth and nose over water surface buoyancy. The LPU-18/P unique cell design has been engineered to exhibit excellent self-righting and floatation properties.


 The sage green fire  resistant Nomex III , Aramid  container of the LPU-18/P life preserver survival Vest  has been designed with pockets for the carriage  of US government specified  survival equipment  aPLB and a personal weapon  of the type SIG-226 ,Walter PPH-2, COLT 38, Berreta or equivalent and close to the pistol pocket a reserve magazine pocket .

The protective container of the inflation cell is attached directly to the survival vest pouches by means of a heavy duty straps and zipper which allows easy removal of the inflation cell container  and the use of the Survival Vest only on over land operations.

The survival vest incorporates adjustable waist belts of sage green nylon webbing to provide both preliminary wearer adjustment upon donning the LPU-18/P and a final adjustment just before or after water entry provided no automatic inflation environment.


The inflation cell contains aviation yellow dye marker and is designed at 275 Newton or 78Lbs single chambered cell. The inflation cell is equipped with a manual activation inflator and an oral inflation tube. An auto inflator type FLU-12/P, FLU-8 and FLU-9/P is an optional feature of this LPSV in addition the LPSV LPU-18/P is designed on universal size with adjustable straps.

LPU-18/P Pouch LPSV w/Dual Inflators