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NVG's  ANVIS-9 3rd Generation 
Helmet NVG Platforms
NVG Compatible Cockpit Lighting

AN/AVS-6 Aviator's Night Vision

The Aeromiltec Aviator's Night Vision Imaging System (ANVIS) enables rotary-wing aviators to conduct and complete night operations during the darkest nights of the year. In use by rotary-wing units around the world, ANVIS offers high reliability and performance. The lightweight binocular can be mounted to a variety of aviator helmets, including the SPH-4B , HGU-56P,HGU-55/P , HGU-55/G ,HGU-26/P and MSA Gallet LH-150.  Available for
 delivery are Gen 2 Plus or 3rd Generation tubes according to the End User needs .

  • Gen 2 Plus and Gen 3 performance offers optimum resolution, high gain, and
  • photoresponse to near infrared.

  • Optional clip-on power source allows ANVIS usage without helmet.     
  • Independent eye-span adjustment and 25-mm eye relief eyepiece accommodate eyeglasses and other individual physical characteristics.

  • Low-profile battery pack improves head mobility for aviator while in cockpit.    
  • "Minus-blue" objective lens filter screens glare from cockpit instrument lighting.     
  • Other features include automatic brightness control, flip-up stowage, durable, "soft-sided" carrying case.

The Aeromiltec Aviator's  Helmet Mount Assembly 2.0, for HGU-55/P Helmet previously known as the TAC Air Helmet Mount Assembly, is specially designed for high performance tactical aircraft operators.



                 AN/AVS-9 Aviator's Night Vision

AN/AVS-9(V) series of aviator's night vision systems are available in more than 40 different configurations that allow pilots to conduct critical operations on the darkest of nights. The type of aircraft and type of helmet determine the configuration–existing or customized–that will best meet our customers’ requirements.

                       Aviation night vision goggles

The F4949 (AN/AVS-9) night vision system has continually improved and is now designated the AN/AVS 9(V) by the U.S. Government.

Rotary-wing versions of the F4949 feature a rear-mounted, low-profile battery pack using four AA alkaline batteries that allow operation for more than 50 hours. Power is provided by a cable extending from the battery pack, over the helmet and into a connector in the mount.

Fixed-wing versions feature a front-mounted battery pack using two 1/2 AA lithium batteries that provide over 16 hours of operational life. If pilot ejection is not a consideration, an optional battery pack adapter connects the fixed-wing F4949 to the rear-mounted battery pack, providing the same operational time as the rotary-wing version. An optional clip-on power source allows hand-held operation of the binocular without use of a flight helmet.

                                  Key Benefits

  • Generation 3 tube performance offering high resolution, high gain, photoresponse to near infrared and exceptional reliability.
  • Class A, B, C, an​d UK 645 minus-blue filters for objective lens available to suit all types of cockpit lighting, including color displays and fighter HUDs.
  • Helmet mount configurations designed for fixed-wing and rotary-wing applications, adapting to most aviator helmets. (U.S. HGU-55/P, HGU-56/P, HGU-84/P, SPH-4HF, SPH-4B, SPH-5; British Alpha 202, and Mk4; French OS and CGF). Other mounts available upon request.
  • 25-mm eye-relief eyepieces easily accommodate eyeglasses
  • Low-profile battery pack improves aviator head mobility and increases battery life
  • Other features include flip-up/flip-down capability, simple binocular attachment, individual interpupillary adjustments, tilt, vertical and fore-aft adjustments to fit all aviators.
Battery Pack HGU-57/P, SPH-4B, HGU-56/P

         The Helmet Mount Assembly 2.0 redesigned in 2017

Resulting sustainment and lifecycle cost improvements include, but are not limited to, the following areas:


  • New sliding mount material enhances structure (this improvement will also work on ANVIS and F4949(AN/AVS-9) helicopter mounts)


  •                  Accepts both AA alkaline or lithium for reduced cost to user

Power Circuit:

  •                           Shielded for EMI Includes low battery indicator

 Operator Interface

  • Design improvements retain existing switches, LED, and mechanical adjustments
  • No change to procedure for mount installation or insert and removal procedure for ANVIS/F4949

                                  Major Benefits

  • Weight under 260g with batteries
  • Retains the existing interface with any tactical aircraft helmet
  • Retains breakaway performance for ANVIS/F4949 (11-15 G)
  • Complies with EMI requirements of MIL-STD-461F
  • Passed standard environmental and performance testing for ANVIS/F4949
  • Standard AA commercial battery power source is compatible for use in aircraft operation when oxygen is in use
  • Low battery indicator when voltage falls to 0.9 ± 0.07 Vdc

It features several design improvements from its predecessor to reduce the operating cost without affecting performance or safety.


ANVIS 9 auto-gated goggle enables pilots to operate their aircraft in the darkest flight environments. This goggle allows aviators to navigate at the nap of the earth, take off, land and perform other operations that are otherwise impossible at night without the use of a light source. The device has an auto-gated power supply for optimal performance in all light conditions.

Adjustable 25 mm eyepieces provide improved eye relief enabling excellent viewing regardless of the eyepiece positioning. Ergonomically designed interface controls, including interpupillary adjustments and vertical, fore-aft and tilt adjustments, allow improved viewing of the entire system field of view.

The lightweight goggle can be mounted on a variety of aviator helmets. Newcon Optik’s expert team is able to ensure you select the right goggle for your aircraft and its cockpit lighting system.