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                                    Day & Night  Rescue Strip (Military )

To a SAR helicopter or search party in a life raft , your head is the size of a ball. Sea dye washes away, colored and smoke flares last for seconds, and PLB or EPIRBS (GPS) only get you to the general perimeter- you still need a visual! See/Rescue Strip is the only passive and continuous marker device that can help SAR pilots & teams spot you and extract you out of your distress location .


Whether you are stranded in snowy backcountry or lost on a hiking trail, the Rescue Strip highlights your location so you stand out against your surroundings. The personal Strip is the size of a cell phone, providing safety and peace of mind that can be stowed or clipped anywhere.

The SAR Air-Drop kit packaged in a single, semi-rigid, fully adjustable, palet type or canister.  It is designed to contain supplies and/or equipment depending upon the mission or the type of the emergency involved.  The equipment may include a life raft configured to automatically deploy during delivery. 


Various aircraft applications include but are not limited to the C-130, P-3 Orion, CASA-212, DO-328, etc.




Delivery of the SAR PACK is accomplished from side-door, tail ramp or bomb bay of the aircraft.  The SAR PACK may be configured to carry a multi-person life raft and survival kit, medical supplies, rations, water, clothing, shelter, communications equipment, weapons or spare parts.  The kits are easily interchangeable for variation of deployment method or variation of supplier to be delivered.



Parachute deceleration and stabilization results in drop accuracy within 10 meters.




TAC Support & Aerial Delivery- Provides air-drop support to special operation teams and ground units conducting covert operations in forward areas.  Weapons, Ammunition, Spare Pats, MRE's


EMERGENCY RESPONSE - Provides capability to air-drop supplies to areas that are remote or inaccessible.  Water, Food, Clothing, Shelter, Medical Supplies


SEARCH & RESCUE - Provide direct air-drop support to survivors and victims in emergency situations. Life Rafts, Survival Kits, Signaling Equipment, Medical Equipment

A lightweight Search & Rescue platform allowing stationary airdrop from helicopter or (optional) static airdrop from fixed wing. Includes: multi-person raft, floating retrieval line, float marker buoy, soft canister w/handles & optional survival kit.
Aircraft crew members on SAR missions are highly dependent on their survival gear,Aeromiltec SAR kit line includes U.S. Mil-Spec or NATO equivalent equipment. We provide SAR kits for mountainous area ,Arctic, overland, and on the water, with equipment that includes tents, protective clothing, blankets and medical supplies and so on